Woman's home office 0
Woman's home office

Woman's home office

In a regular office, you would only influence what you put on your desk, at home - it all depends on you! Use this potential.

Whether you're a work from home mom or female entrepreneur, being a woman who works from home is quite a challenge. Keeping your mind focused and away from home tasks can be a struggle. That's why having your own environment to work in and feel comfortable in is essential.

The perfect home office workspace

A good organization of home life can help, but also a well-thought-out arrangement of the workplace. Work hygiene, its ergonomics and the environment in which you work will impact the results of your work. Therefore, it is worth preparing professionally to create the right conditions so that you want to get up in the morning and eagerly "go to the office."

So how to set up the perfect workplace in just a few steps?


Analyze how you work?

  • Do you spend 10 hours alone in front of the computer screen and do not need much to be happy?
  • Do you connect on Skype to chat worldwide and shouldn't be bothered by any other sounds?
  • Or maybe you work with loud music, and you will disturb the household members?
  • Do you need miles of shelves for documents or a large tabletop to set up a workbench?
  • Do you have a loud or quiet job? Demanding to focus, do you prefer to stay in touch with your family?
  • Or maybe you accept contractors every day?
  • From this type of analysis, the most convenient place on the plan of your apartment will be crystallized.
  • Do you need an independent, locked office, or is it enough to find a place in the living room to insert a secretary?

 Home office

How much space do you need to work?

Are you sure you only need a worktop, a large table or a narrow desk? Will bookshelves, a chest of drawers with drawers for handy materials be helpful, or maybe the boxes will be handier? Where you put binders, you hide accessories, rolls with designs, patterns, where you put a printer, a large monitor or a chair for visitors.

If you organize your space well from the beginning, it will be easier for you to work effectively later.

You will not be upset that you cannot find something or suspect your children that you have been given essential documents somewhere.

Lady working on the couch

If you start a full-time job, do not underestimate your needs. Start thinking about your workplace with due respect. If you had to hire an assistant, would you offer her the same conditions you provide for yourself? If you hesitate, it is a sign that this place is not quite suitable for you either.


Where to create a workplace?

Of course, the style of work and adaptation skills are very individual matters, and maybe you belong to people who, when they get into the vortex of work, nothing bothers them. Then you have more flexibility in choosing a place because a corner in the kitchen corner will be appropriate. However, if your work requires focus and your workshop to keep it in good order or protect it from children, think about rearranging your living space to find an isolated place for your office.

Ideally, you can allocate the entire room to it. Preferably away from the night zone and the children's room. It is often a room that is also a guest room. We have guests sporadically, and daily we gain peace and isolation for our office. It is also a necessary solution if your job requires accepting applicants at home.

It is worse if you do not have such possibilities. Then you will meet your customers in a cafe, and at home, it is vital to arrange the selected place so that it becomes essential, liked and YOURS.

It is better to have a "tight but own" corner for our office than to use the space that needs to be shared with the household members daily. Even if there is no place in your home in a separate room, place a desk in the living room, bedroom or dining room to mark your particular function, independent of the family life.


Office aesthetics

Thanks to the fact that you plan a separate place for your office, you can also arrange it to make your work twice as enjoyable. Invest in accessories, choose colours, develop your style. Let it not be a random or nondescript place! Make use of what you have. Even if you use recycled furniture (because there is an old chest of drawers in the attic and eventually find a grandma's table), you can easily give them a new look by repainting them and changing their current appearance. If you have a desk that you don't love and it's not in your budget to buy new home office furniture – paint your furniture! DIY and be proud of your new workspace.


Create an environment so friendly to

the eye that you would smile from

ear to ear every day when you sit in

your armchair.

Working remotely girl

Industrial? Minimalistic? Or maybe romantic or classic? White or colourful? You arrange here!

Do not forget about your background. When you connect on Skype, conduct webinars or record videos, your clients also look at you, seeing the entire staff. So remember that in this case, what's behind your back is also part of your workplace.


Home office arrangement - the essential pieces of furniture

Of course, the most important role is played by a desk and an armchair, which must first of all be functional. You should feel comfortable at work. It would be best if you started designing your home office with them. If you know that you will spend a lot of time in your home office, you should choose a chair with adjustable height, armrests and a reclining backrest. You don't want to feel tired after a day's work, do you?

Furniture based on antiques also look excellent in such rooms. A sophisticated office cannot lack a bookcase - an exhibition place for books, albums or other handy items. The books emphasize the character of the interior.

The unique feminine office also has a comfortable armchair that will seduce with its taste. Reading or a business conversation will be a pure pleasure. If you intend to receive guests in the office, you can put a small desk next to the armchair, which will be used to place a cup of coffee or sign documents.

In addition to the bookcase, the design of a modern woman's office may include shelves and a chest of drawers that will help in organizing the space. It all depends again on the nature of your work. If you have many documents, need space to set up the printer or hide some essential items, you need to provide enough room to work.

However, a folding desk may be the perfect solution if you live in a studio and do not have that much space. This is ideal for a modern home office, small spaces, and on a budget.

Folding desk

You can easily find everything in one place, and after finishing work, hide the desk in the wardrobe and go to yoga class.

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