Baby's first piece of furniture

Baby's first piece of furniture

Baby's first piece of furniture

When a toddler starts to grow up, he also begins to feel the need for more independence. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this moment of child's development by organizing their everyday space by buying their first armchair or sofa. When choosing it, it is good to take into account not only comfort but also safety. A foam seat meets both of these conditions.


Perfect gift idea

Are you planning a visit to newly minted parents and looking for a gift idea for a newborn baby? Do you prefer to give something more practical than toys but more unique than diapers? Then, you've come to the right place! We have prepared a list of several universal gifts for babies that will please parents and will undoubtedly be helpful in the first years of a baby's life.


Furniture adapted to the child's height

A revolution in a children's room usually comes when the toddler is about three years old. This is the perfect time to arrange a small foam armchair in the room for his increasingly crazy games. Furniture specially designed for children is much lighter, much lower and much safer than traditional furniture. Foam seats are adapted to the height of children between 3 and 6 years of age. However, such a seat can be made for a child as soon as it learns to sit and walk. It will be used successfully for several years.


Kid-friendly armchairs

The first and most crucial advantage of foam seats is the material they are made of - a safe, ultra-light, stiffened sponge. Such an item can easily lift and move even a small child. So they can be used as a piece of furniture for relaxation and as a play object.

Kids armchair DT8

 What's more, the design of the foam seats is tailored to the needs of babies. They ensure the stability of the joints and the spine while sitting. Sponge furniture does not have any sharp edges or buttons that children could tear off accidentally and swallow. Foam seats are also one of the parent's favourite gadgets! They are equipped with removable covers, which, if necessary, can be quickly thrown into the washing machine. After all, it is during games that the most "wet" accidents occur.


It's not just fun and kid-friendly; it's also an educational experience. Foam seats also have many psychological benefits. Thanks to their piece of furniture, the child's growing need for independence is satisfied. This is his first own space in his life - not available to adults;) And the fairy-tale shapes and colours bring joy and mood to play and a happy, comfortable rest.


Or maybe a children's unfolded sofa?

This is a fantastic solution if you have several children of a similar age or you just have more space to develop. The most important advantage of foam sofas is that they can be easily unfolded. Such a sofa can therefore be used as an emergency cot, perfect for afternoon naps. It is enough to equip it with a baby blanket.

Double sofa for children DT2

If the piece of furniture is also to be used as a bed (e.g. when you plan on reading fairy tales or napping your child during the day), we strongly advise you to consider buying a foam sofa. Such soft pieces of furniture are perfect for taking on a picnic. Or you can put some foam furniture in the backyard or on the balcony!


Dry ball pool

Another incredible piece of kids furniture is a baby ball pit. These items are perfect for fun and rehabilitation. They guarantee fantastic entertainment for both babies and bigger children. They will surely provide the little ones with lots of fun moments at home and in the garden.

Ball pit with 200 balls

Where should I put the foam seat?

Here you are limited by your imagination. The armchair works well in every corner of the apartment - the more that the design and colours of most of these pieces of furniture can be easily adapted to the interior design. If your child spends a significant part of the day in the living room, it is worth having at least a small corner that will accommodate the seat. Such a private piece of furniture for a toddler is a fantastic way to keep an eye on it when we need to have a moment to ourselves.

If the seat target is a child's room, remember to arrange the space around it appropriately. It's good to have a lamp close - it will be helpful not only for playing but also for reading or sleeping. It is also worth placing a carpet on the floor under the seat. It is much nicer to do a flip on a soft rug.


Corner for kids in the office

Foam kids furniture is perfect for the nursery. However, children are more and more frequent visitors to offices. It also often happens that children of clients or co-workers come to the office. And if so, they should also have their place! Undoubtedly, work goes faster with such a kid space than when bored children are wandering around the office and we need to follow them;)


Bean bag chair TEX5 with balls that mould to the body


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