Living Room Colour Trends 2022

Living Room Colour Trends 2022

Living Room Colour Trends 2022

Today we'll show you three perfect trendy colours to be used in any living room. We will provide you with some ideas on how to use it and combine each one depending on your style. Add a touch of colour to your space! Lets's get started!

The first on the list is one of the favourites for the upcoming year. It's green! The colour of life, nature and healing. Green is the most restful and relaxing colour of the spectrum. So it's common to use as a background in residential spaces because we are used to seeing it in large quantities as human beings. There are a lot of green shades to choose from but one of the favourites right now is sage green - a kind of grey-green. Perfect for small spaces. Pair your green tone with warm neutrals and materials like wood, seagrass, golden details, linen, leather sofas or armchairs. Also, black accents are perfect to create contrast. Use them in lamps, coffee tables, handles or accessories if you are looking for an elegant appearance. Get inspired by nature!

Three seater sofa

The second colour is grey. The favourite one if your living room has a contemporary, minimalist, industrial or Scandinavian look. This colour is elegant and dramatic, but before using it, ensure a good amount of natural light in the space and a good lighting plan for the nighttime. Since it's a neutral colour, we have an infinite choice to combine depending on your living room style. If you are looking for a minimalist look, you can combine a monochromatic colour scheme with other neutral tones like white and light green. We recommend adding some elements in woody natural materials and greenery sparingly in the room to create a cosy atmosphere.

Grey is a good choice if you are looking for an industrial style. To achieve this look, pair it with other neutrals like white, beige, brown, lighter greys and textures - rustic wood, brush gold and town leather. Another way to use dark grey, especially if you want to reflect your regal tastes, is to pair it with vibrant colours such as mustard, emerald green or purple. Use it as an accent in your pillows, armchairs, or sofa with high back.

Talking about colour for the living room, we can't forget to talk about the timeless white and beige. White is the most versatile colour in interior design because you can change the mood of your space using your furniture, decorative items like pillows, flowers, ottomans or by painting an accent wall in your favourite colour. Combine your white or beige walls with warm neutrals, black and wood chest of drawers.

If you prefer a relaxing look, you can go for all white. No, it's not a boring palette if you use the right textures and materials. This colour scheme is convenient if you are looking for a minimalist and timeless living room. When using all white in interior design, the key is to use tactile textures and warm materials like wood to create contrast. Include patterns and texture fabrics in your sofa, armchair and pillows to give dimension to the room.

Another way to create a colour palette using white is by pairing it with your favourite colour as an accent. You can have all the background and essential pieces in white and include small accents using your favourite colour scheme. For example, use white and two contrasting colours like blue and orange, or green and pink for your pillows, armchairs or artwork.

Combining your favourite colours is very easy. We are sure it will be beneficial for your decorating journey.

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