Should your kid use electric standing desk for schoolwork?

Should your kid use electric standing desk for schoolwork?

Should Your Kid Use Electric Standing Desk for Schoolwork?

Standing desks have become very popular. Studies show they can be highly beneficial for health and productivity. Yet we allow our kids to spend over 60% of their day sitting. Sit stand desks have many benefits for adults so why not extend the benefits to our children as well? They'll still jiggle around and complain no matter what, but at least they can do it at comfortable kids standing desk.


Why get a standing desk?

You might think of the idea of getting standing desks for our kids as too radical. It's true that kids have been sitting at schools and for their homework for generations so why change it now?

When a child begins his school adventure, the computer desk in his room is the most needed piece of furniture. Statistics show that a first-grade student spends about 2 hours a day studying. The higher the class, the longer time your kid spends studying. The problem is not just with sitting still to study but as our society has evolved, our kids have started sitting more outside of school, whether it's TV, computer or smartphones.


Don't think it's automatically better

A standing desk with an adjustable top will allow you to adjust the appropriate height of the desktop to the child's current size and will provide a healthy posture. With such kids standing desk, your child can work alternately - standing or sitting. There's no doubt that sitting too much is very bad for your child's health. However, that certainly does not mean kids should stand all day instead. Even though standing is better than sitting, you should teach your kid to take regular breaks to move and stretch, clear his head and rest his eyes.

Tilt desks help to achieve ergonomic angles for reading, writing and drawing. Thanks to this structure, the table can provide comfortable working positions and help to avoid pain in the neck and spine.

Tilted desk


Standing desks promote better activity

This is where a standing desk certainly is a benefit. It's easier to indulge in a little physical activity when standing than when sitting, so standing desks are an excellent way to promote healthy habits and teach best practices for living an active lifestyle for kids of all ages. Standing desks for kids in the classroom or home office is a great option to allow children to stay more active in their learning environment. Beyond the health benefits, there's also research that shows kids learn better standing up.


One desk for years?

Kids grow, and they grow fast. The heigh adjustable homework stations might be just the thing to get you through the elementary school years. It grows as your child grows. With just one touch! Even though you would rather see your child reading a book on this computer desk you will still be happy with it - as now the iPad will be raised at your kid's eye level, so you won't have to worry about their posture or to hold the iPad too close and hurting the eyesights.

If you are limited on space, a small manual lifting desk that can tuck into the bedrooms or a corner of the kitchen will be a great choice.

Manual lifting standing desk


A multitasking desk is a great option as it can be used in several different ways, not just for schoolwork. A convenient bag hook on one side of the desk can hold a backpack and thanks to the storage drawer, the child can keep the tabletop tidy.


Storage drawer


Adjustable child's desk for health and comfort

Correct posture at the desk is important for your child's learning to be effective. When considering a standing desk for a child, the kids' legs, torso, neck, and head must all be in line. The height of the desk should be at the level where the wrists are straight and elbows bent to 90 degrees. Electric standing desks with a full range of height adjustability promote the healthiest posture for every child. An electrically lifted desk will effectively improve your child's health and well-being. This smart desk is a stimulating place for learning and other projects.

Electric adjustable height desk

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